Jullie on the Plein


Julie on the Plein - 2016

Presented during Border Sessions Den Haag 2016 but thought up through countless sub-par experiences of Den Haag’s Central Station. Jullie on the Plein was conceptualised to bring life to an otherwise drab square over the summer months before major reconstruction began.

The concept features outdoor screenings of local movies, local vendors, free public seating for passer-bys and even train time noticeboards.

The full presentation for Border Sessions 2016 can be viewed here: https://issuu.com/oscarlangley/docs/jullieontheplein

Concept & design by Megan Anderson @megansonofander & Oscar Langley @langleyoscar


This is Koningin Julianaplein. Not the best first impression of Den Haag…


… solutions to ugly and unfriendly public spaces needn’t be grand, expensive or even permanent…