Information is ubiquitous but the summarisation, classification and presentation of that data can take it from jumbled information on a screen to concise usable information. The aim of the Core platform was to take business information from over 400 sources on more than 13 million companies and present it all in a simple to use online platform for businesses throughout Europe.

My role in the project was complete UI and UX of both the website as well as the product itself.


Confrm by Eccentrade - 2018

Confrm was developed for the everyday consumer for scenarios such as “Which contractor should I use to renovate my kitchen?” Or “Should I pay the deposit for this apartment from this company”.

My role in the project was to design and deliver all UX research and design as well as the UI design and branding, leasing with developers, the sales team and customers.


Splash Screen and Dashboard

With multiple purchases and decisions on the go, an overview of all previous ratings and projects were made visible from the first screen of the platform.

Company profiles and rating

This screen allowed users to manage their projects and get immediate company ratings for a transparent fee.


Addressing user flow

User flows were done on post-it notes allowing us to address screens and understand backend requirements.

Identifying screens

Identifying the actions to be taken and screens to be designed.


Company ratings

Through customer research, we discovered that the vast majority of customers were paying more than €5 on average for a company financial overview with hundreds of datapoints, when they really only needed a few core datapoints relevant to the company’s financial health.

Many customers just wanted to know if they should, or should not, work for the company and not delve into the fine details. Adding a bit of humour along the process was a nice departure from the traditional, cold copy financial institutions are famous for.



Creating an informative but enjoyable onboarding journey was both a necessity, but a point of delight. The visual design of these pages greatly influenced the branding for the Confrm website. At any point during the journey, the customer could opt out of the screens by either logging in or signing up.


Visual and interaction design

Early stages of the visual style saw multiple iterations of colour palettes, logos, brand names and interaction styles. The decision was made to go with one (left) over others due to its cohesiveness with existing or potential other products in the brand.


Insuring your decision

Partnering with an insurance company to directly insure the projects that were undertaken was greatly attractive to many customers. With insurance companies backing the business health check, insurance was a straightforward process.

Streamlining this journey while creating trust was vital to the success of the product.


Personal settings

Creating an application that worked for the customer was important. When it came to project and financial management, personalisation to a certain degree was key.

Outside of the initial MVP, inviting friends for credit was a feature recommended from the business side stakeholders and one the design and development team were happy to include.